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10/18/07 01:12 am - luvrentboy - Halloween

Rocky Horror Picture Show!!!!

Never been? Good time to come!
Already been? Come and watch the virgins squirm.
Good times had by ALLLLL!!!!!

This Halloween we present you with our Yearly Massive extravaganza!!!!

Already have plans for Halloween? No worries, we are doing 3 Nights!

Friday the 26th at 12
Saturday the 27th at 12
Wednesday the 31st at 10...thats right, 10!

Come see what we have in store for you this year!
Costume Contests, 13 live preshows made with lots of dedication,love and LUST!!!!

You'll be sure to have a good time.
Bring friends, and enjoy our nakedness!!!!

Cambridge/Boston Massachusetts

For more info:

8/7/07 10:59 pm - luvrentboy - Cleaning Cub

So, I am looking to make some spare cash.
Im a cute young cub, and I do errands. I clean, cook, everything.
I do these things nude if you want it.
Wanna take pictures of me? We can talk about that too.
I will do pretty much anything if offered the right price.
Anyone interested?

Heres a pic of me:
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6/13/07 05:36 pm - luvrentboy - The Rocky Horror OZ Show

On Saturday June 30 The FullBodyCast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Cambridge, MA is having a Wizard of OZ nite.

There will be OZ characters thrown into the Rocky Horror movie, to see what is to become of them.

There are 3 OZ preshows

A costume Contest

and lots of fun to be had.

The Costume Cosntest with have prizes!
Dress up as your favorite OZ character!
Doll it up as you wish: Scary Scarecrow, Sexy Dorothy, Zombie Munchkin etc etc.
Play with it as you wish.

Its gonna be lot of fun and we hope to see many people there with red ruby slippers on!

Go to www.fullbodycast.org for info on the show, what time it will be, how to get there and things of that nature.

Also, bring newbies (virgins) for we will have lots of fun OZ things planned for them.

Theres no place like Cambridge!
Theres no place like Cambridge!
Theres no place like Cambridge!

11/14/06 10:20 pm - luvrentboy

More Photos thanks to my favorite Photographer: Ryan Roman


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8/17/06 10:57 am - luvrentboy

New (NWS) Pictures of me, taken by Mr. Roman.
Im so happy with these.

8/10/06 02:52 pm - luvrentboy

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8/8/06 02:59 pm - luvrentboy

Underwear Chub

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7/31/06 02:45 pm - luvrentboy

My boy Ryan (bobo_dreams) took some pics of me and they are probably the best pictures ever taken in my direction.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

7/20/06 02:11 pm - luvrentboy

Pictures of me as Brad from Rocky Horror, I only played him once b4, and posted pictures. Lots of dudes enjoyed those photos, seeing as Im in my underwear alot, so I thought Id post the newer ones.

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6/27/06 03:02 pm - luvrentboy - Cub boy in need of a new life.

Trying to start my life over. Trying to earn up enough money for living expenses due to the fact that I quit my job. Trying to find happiness.
Im looking to make some spare cash.

I am willing to do just about anything.
Want me to clean your house? Want me to do it naked? Want a massage? Want more than that? Anything your willing to pay someone for? Im totally down to do it.

Email me and let me know what you'd like and what your willing to pay for it.

Here are some pics of me if you are interested in seeing. Cute Cub boy, a little furrier than these pics, but not much.



Ready and Willing, You let me know.
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